Business partners

Become a strategic advisor by using eV-ict.

We work exclusively with selected business partners. Why? Our partners have insight into how client organisations operate and recognise the opportunities, benefits and potential of the eV-ict service within them. Taken together, this makes them strategic discussion partners for senior management and C-level management. As such, we can provide added value for all stakeholders, increase efficiency and contribute to improvements and transparency in any organisation.

What support do business partners receive from eV-ict?

eV-ict advises its business partners to shape and invest in a number of important roles— Strategic Consultants, Data Analysts and Business Analysts to name a few. A project in which eV-ict is used comprises three levels at which different expertise is utilised.

There is an on-boarding process, which includes training that all partners must follow and sets out to explain and clarify the eV-ict model. This training also looks closely at the three levels. The following is a brief overview:

  • Preparatory phase:
    • Following the agreement to start using eV-ict, a kick-off is organised with all individuals concerned and stakeholders within the organisation;
    • The actual collection of all (raw) data to pre-defined criteria;
    • Validation of the data.
  • Processing of the data:
    • Bottom-up processing of the non-aggregated data at different levels and dimensions;
    • Facilitation of top-down insight into data as far as the source.
  • The results:
    • Explanation of the dashboard and its functionalities;
    • Explanation of various reports relating to the reduction and explanation of outcomes;