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With the aid of Artificial Intelligence, eV-ict software is the solution for reporting and interpreting IT costs. With this, any organisation can equip itself with the capability to improve the visibility of its IT costs. A unique feature of the application is that analyses are carried out on a single, uniformly enriched dataset—this means that data are standardised once per run and not per analysis, as is the case with most big data applications. It also means that there is always internal consistency between analyses.

Hidden IT costs

Investment of IT costs within organisations is not centralised.

Substantiation of IT costs

How can you make IT costs traceable to their origin?

Realistic analysis capabilities

Never settle for ‘good-enough’ reports.

A justified budget

Are all indirect and hidden costs visible to the decision-making process?

Reasonable and equitable charge-ons

Targeted budget management through demonstrable use of IT.

Validation of changes

Periodic reporting for improved manageability.

Usage rights as a source of savings

Cost savings without impacting the functioning of the organisation

Monitoring of IT policies

Signalling for timely adjustment in response to changing policies.

Trend analyses

On apples, oranges and insights...

The influence of coronavirus on businesses and organisations

People attach considerable importance to figures in order to visualise developments and trends.
The coronavirus pandemic, in particular, has only sought to intensify this.