About eV-ict


Our story has a particular history in which we have had and have seized the opportunity to present this unique software product—with experience—to the market again.

eV-ict is convinced that any organisation that wishes to steer its IT setup must be in a position to make reasoned choices based on non-aggregated data. In addition to IT setup, the unique eV-ict data model can also be used for purposes including trend analyses, verification of compliance, company takeovers and acquisitions.

Information and communication technology is the backbone of every organisation. Businesses and organisations lack insight into where IT costs are incurred internally. To manage this proactively, cost awareness, insight and control are all needed. eV-ict provides the requisite steering mechanism at CXO level.

Listen to the podcast below for an idea of what eV-ict is all about (Dutch only).

Launching eV-ict

eV-ict was officially launched on 25 March 2021 through a webinar.

In the webinar, Maarten Mens talked about what eV-ict is and what exactly it does— how you, as a business, can use it and what it delivers. He talked to Marga Reuver, Managing Director of eV-ict, Kurt de Koning, Director of Operations at eV-ict, Tonny Boerboom, Non-Executive Director at eV-ict and Gertjan Baars, Senior Director of Technology at PwC. In addition, Sanquin also joined the discussion as a client case study.

You can watch the webinar using the link below.